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Reusable Face Wipes - Soft & Scrub


These re-useable make-up wipes are an environmentally friendly way to clean your skin. Unlike cotton wool pads or disposable make-up wipes, they can be used again and again.

The Soft & Scrub wipes are the perfect combination to exfoliate and clean your skin.

The front of the wipe is 100% cotton towelling perfect for scrubbing your face clean. The other side is soft fleece, gentle and smooth for wiping your eyes after a long day.

Towel side - 100% cotton towelling

Fleece side - 100% polyester

Each wipe is sized between 7-8cm square. They are all homemade, so the fabric is hand cut, secured on a sewing machine and finished by hand.

Directions for use

  • Simply use the wipe with your favoured skin cleanser - this could be anything including soap, micellar water, coconut oil and cleanser.

  • Once used pop your wipes in the washing machine with the rest of your washing.

  • The sooner your wipes are washed the less likely they are to be stained.

  • We recommend washing them at 30 degrees, alternatively you could hand wash them.

  • Then simply air dry and use again!

You receive five wipes per pack. 

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