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Children's Bamboo Tooothbrush


With a shorter handle this toothbrush is ideal for children, made from 100% biodegradable bamboo, provides a naturally non-slip surface. The black soft bristles are BPA-free.

Brush at a 45 degree angle in short, half tooth wide strokes from the gum line down. For top teeth angle up, and angle down for bottom teeth. Begin from the outside part of the teeth, then moving to the inside. Move onto chewing surfaces, hold it flat and brush back and forth. Store upright, in a rack or cup, where it can dry out.

Shorter handle ideal for children:

  • Made from biodegradable & compostable bamboo

  • Comes in recyclable & compostable cardboard box

  • The bamboo cultivation requires no fertilisers or pesticides

  • Naturally antibacterial bamboo handle & BPA-free bristles

  • Replace this toothbrush around every 3 months 

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Additional Info

Replace your toothbrush around every 3 months.

MATERIALS: Bamboo Handle*^, Nylon-6 Bristles^, Kraft Paper Box*^. *Biodegradable, ^Z.T.L. Recyclable.