How IT Works


How does it all work?

First things first, home delivery of food products is only available for Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG1 post codes (we don't want to run before we can walk). Be sure to check the 'Harrogate Home Delivery' page for info. about which days we're out delivering.

BUT... for any non-food items like our bamboo toothbrushes, reusable straws or natural deodorant etc; please feel free to order from anywhere in the United Kingdom and we'll deliver through the usual post system, AKA, the Royal Mail. 

We also have collection points at the following destinations:

  • Harrogate - Cooking Fantastic, Ripon Road

You can also place pre-orders for any of our events or simply come along and visit us at any pop-up event we're holding. See the 'Where You Can Find Us' page for more information on events and collection points.

Your first FOOD order...

You select all the items you would like to purchase just as you would for any normal online shop and we'll deliver them to you just like a normal online shop. The catch? Well, no items will be delivered in any plastic (at all) which for the products we are selling would mostly come in non-recyclable plastic packaging if purchased from a supermarket. This way you're avoiding contributing waste to landfill or more commonly used today, incineration. Instead, items will be delivered in either one of the following depending on your selection: paper bags made from 100% post consumer paper (recycled paper to you and me), surplus glass jars we have collected and have in stock or our lovely organic cotton produce bags (if you have chosen to buy some).


All Orders after...

There are a couple of options available here:

1. When we deliver your first order you can give us some glass jars (or any other container for that matter), we will put them aside and refill these next time you order.

2. If your first delivery was with organic cotton produce bags, we will refill alternative ones that are solely dedicated to you and then collect the original ones from you for your next order and so on and so on.

3. You can continue to order with recyclable paper bags but we like the options above best as its less waste overall and that's why we're here!

4. Make sure to enjoy all of your lovely waste free products!