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Want to know a little about us, what we are doing and why?

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What Are We?

JarFull is an online store primarily but also hosts the occasional pop-up event/stall offering everyday products without the usual packaging. Refillable loose foods alongside an extensive range of items to help you reduce waste at home or whilst out and about.


JarFull was founded by Rebecca Lodge (me writing this) after a period of frustration at the lack of pantry type food items available without being wrapped in plastic. After moving to Harrogate, North Yorkshire from Nottingham back in 2016, the town centre flat I was renting alongside partner (he’ll hate me for calling him that!) and occasional JarFull helper, Matt Lee didn’t have any recycling facilities. It was a case of chuck everything in a black bag and the council picked it up weekly. Obviously, I wasn’t going to do that and at the prospect of going to the supermarket to drop off recyclables every other day, I had a light bulb moment… I suddenly started to piece the journey of packaging and waste together… firstly, it takes a huge amount of resources to make packaging in the first place, plastic for example, is very energy intensive and then we rely on a big truck to come to our houses to pick the recycling up and take it to a processing plant which again uses a huge amount of resources. Reduction was the key and I set out to try and reduce the waste we were creating as much as possible and alongside it set up an Instagram Account: Wasted_Planet to document my journey and to share learnings with others and gather tips from others too.

So, going back to the point of frustration… after one year and a half of trying to reduce waste by buying fruit and veg loose, taking our own containers to the butchers, swapping shower gel for soap bars and plastic toothbrushes for bamboo ones, everyday pantry foods such as nuts, rice, lentils and dried fruit were still making their way into the cupboards wrapped in plastic and very often un-recyclable plastic at that. Cue JarFull.

As part of JarFull I am aiming to improve accessibility to environmentally friendly products and break down the barriers to sustainable shopping.

How do our operations remain as environmentally friendly as possible?

  • We buy in bulk – most of our food comes in huge 25kg paper sacks which we then decant into large jars for events. You can then purchase from us by weight at any pop-up events (NB: food is not available to buy online for UK delivery).

  • We reuse packaging materials for your online orders as many of our existing customers will know. Those Friendly Soap cardboard boxes have come in very handy indeed.

  • We recycle cardboard by turning it into our price labels

  • Our home delivery is completed via foot or bicycle hence why our delivery area is restricted to HG1 post codes only.

And finally, What else do you need to know…

Only that alongside all the above, we are both also pursuing our own careers working full time so if we don’t get back to you right away, it’s probably because we are busy working away in our let’s say… “normal jobs”.